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My Brilliant Ways To Hire Car Accident Lawyer Near Me at New York State - Banville Law (banvillelaw dot com) - A car accident can be devastating. Some of the latest car accident statistics for the state of New York show that there are 294,757 car accidents in 2012. Of these 1,082 are so severe that it causes the deaths of those involved in the accident. About 50% of the rest of the car accident involves non-fatal injuries. These nonfatal injuries range from the severity of whiplash, injury, and bruises that are painful to:
* quadriplegia
* paraplegia or
* Traumatic brain injury

If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident you may want to discuss your legal options with a New York auto accident crash attorney.

Can I Sue For A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Whether the result of a car accident is the death of a loved one, or you are seriously injured, you may have a personal injury claim in New York. Our experienced team of experienced personal injury lawyers will investigate your accident, determine the parties or some parties responsible for causing the car accident, and pursue them individually and through their insurance company to recover damages on your behalf. Although often, there may be only one party, we do not allow the stone unturned to identify all potential causes.

car accident lawyer near me at new york state

How Many Lawsuits Accidents My Car?

While every personal accident car crash claim varies greatly in fact, our experienced car accident lawyer judges all types of compensation recovery options in your case. Typical options include:
  • General Damage to the suffering and emotional and physical suffering of the past and the future
  • Punitive Damage to punish defendants for their negligence
  • Special damage to past and future medical expenses, property damage, and loss of income
  • Damage in the Wrong Case of Death - including loss of friendship, funeral expenses, and loss of future income

Our experienced lawyers will investigate your claim thoroughly and with detailed legal analysis determine the strategy for your case. First, we assess to see if a claim should be filed under the laws of fault insurance in New York. Typically, this is a very limited recovery, but is usually used in situations where car crash errors are true to our clients. Furthermore, we will determine whether the guilty party has insurance coverage, as this will determine whether we will use the uninsured New York coverage control legislation based on your insurance policy. If we determine the fault with another insured driver, we will develop a different strategy to ensure you get great compensation for your pain and suffering.

Contact our New York auto accident lawyer today to discuss specifically your accident and we can guide you better about the potential value of your car crash demands.

General Type of Automatic Accident in New York

The term "Automatic Accident" is extensive when it comes to personal injury problems in New York. At Banville Law, we represent families and individuals who have lost loved ones or are seriously injured in a car accident. Over the years, we have been successfully fighting insurance companies and earning millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients in the following types of accidents:
  • Car Accidents including SUVs
  • Truck accidents include commercial vehicles, tractor trailers, 18 steering wheels, and garbage trucks
  • Motorcycle accidents including mopeds and scooters
  • Bike Accident includes segways
  • Cab Cab Accident includes hackneys and services like Uber
  • Bus accidents include trainers and public transport
  • Train Accidents including subways and public transport
  • Maintaining Accidents including jet skis and ferries
  • ATV accident
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Aircraft or Flight Accident

A Typical Cause of Car and Car Accidents

As explained earlier, New York auto accident lawyers investigate each incident to determine errors and causes. This is the key to choosing the best legal strategy for your recovery. Over the years, we have seen many causes of car accidents that cause significant settlements for our clients. Here is a list of some of the most common causes of New York car crashes:

Texting Or Using Phone While Driving
With the explosive use of mobile phones through all ages of society today, there is the danger of distractions. This is especially true when operating a vehicle. According to the governor of New York, there were 25,165 fatal car accidents and personal injuries in New York state in 2011 due to impaired drivers. Texting while driving or using your phone while driving is illegal in New York and is a common cause of car accidents.

Drunk Driving / Driver Intoxication
Unfortunately, drunk driving is very common these days. Once alcohol enters the bloodstream, it will interfere with body function resulting in poor decision making and reckless driving, among other actions. Our lawyers regularly see cases where drunk driving causes excessive speed increases, driving on the wrong side of the road or on one-way streets, disobeying traffic lights and road rules, and misjudging traffic stops - causing accidents in the back the bad one. Our lawyers will bring the facts to light and may even be able to attach those responsible for serving alcohol to the offending driver.

SUV and Large Vehicle Rollover
We also often see severe injuries and deaths that can be prevented by rollover accidents. These types of accidents regularly occur on SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles and larger passenger vehicles. Our personal injury lawyers have managed to bring lawsuits due to design negligence and road defects that caused rollover accidents.

Road Rage Driven Accidents
With more drivers on the streets in New York than ever, traffic conditions have caused a raging anger. This stressful situation often makes people annoyed and reacts with speeding, aggressive driving, and deliberately trying to hurt others by using their vehicles. In other words, assault by vehicle. Such acts often result in serious injury or death. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered due to injuries and wrongful deaths against defendants demonstrating "street rage".

Head On Collision
A head on collision is widely cited by medical experts as one of the most severe in terms of injury resulting from a car accident. Unfortunately, many of these cases involve claims for wrongful deaths on behalf of families to be achieved without their loved ones. In many other situations, quadriplegia, paraplegia, and traumatic brain injury are the result. Cases of such automobile accidents are severely defended by insurance companies for substantial damage is sought. As a result, you need an experienced, detailed, and aggressive legal team to investigate, prepare, and counter your case.

Driver Errors and Omissions
In the case of a car accident, our lawyer seeks the negligence of the other party in the driver's fault. Our experience allows us to quickly assess the facts and identify driver mistakes such as speeding up, ignoring road rules, driving while intoxicated or experiencing interruptions, binding, and failure to generate traffic that has road rights. Proving a mistake on the other hand will completely change the nature of your case.

End Collision
Rear collisions usually cause damage to the main car. The speed and size of the offending vehicle are two factors that indicate the extent of damage occurring to the lead car. However, even if a car of the same size is involved and traveling at a distance of 20mph, serious neck injuries such as whiplash or spinal injuries are usually the result. Unfortunately, we also see very serious spinal lesions that result in paralysis.

Sleeping on the Wheel
The more we meet cases where the other side is asleep at the wheel at the time of the accident. This type of case typically involves truck drivers and commercial vehicles that are usually always driving when tired. DOT U.S. recently reduced the number of hours it takes the truck driver to drive behind the wheel in a week from 82 to 70 hours. Obviously, such incidents result in serious injuries and deaths, and experienced personal injury lawyers are essential to ensure maximum recovery.

Collision retrieval
Crossing collisions will usually lead to side trauma or "T-bone" based accidents. Blunt force from the side can cause serious injury and even death. There are many reasons why collision crashes can happen, which varies from drunk driving, SMS while driving, street rage, driver fault, and even traffic light disturbance.

Speeding & Reckless Driving
Accelerating and reckless driving are two very big contributors to the crash in New York state. Excessive speed reduces the ability of the driver to respond and control their vehicle. Aggressively changing lanes, and violating road rules often result in collisions with innocent riders. Our experienced team will investigate and bring facts to light proving negligence and cause and effect.

Road Damage & Design Roads are negligent
While these causes are unusual like the others, they remain. Our New York crash lawyer has seen several instances where the cause of the accident was caused by debris from a construction on the highway, or a neglected highway design during construction. Other road defects include traffic lights / control failures. Our legal team will hire experts to help build a strong case for your recovery.

Inattentive care & repair
These causes usually appear in the context of commercial vehicles, such as trucks, and semi-trucks. DOT has mandated general maintenance guidelines that require commercial vehicles to be feasible, ensuring everyone's safety on the road. Negligence in maintaining proper road trucks is the cause of personal harassment that a lawyer harasses. Common examples of such negligent maintenance and repair are bald tires, used brakes, and non-lubricated ball bearings.

The driver is disturbed
While we've covered SMS while driving and using mobile phones, there are some other troubling drivers we've ever encountered, such as: using GPS devices, changing radio channels, reading books, reading billboards, eating food, drinking coffee, refocusing the mirror. , apply makeup or fix hair etc ..., all while driving. Turning your eyes off the streets for 4 seconds can be the difference between life and death. We will investigate facts and circumstances to determine the cause of the interruption.

Manufacturer of Disabled Auto & Product Liability
Another category of causes of car accidents is the legal doctrine of product liability. In such cases, our experienced lawyers focus on the manufacturer of the vehicle to prove some manufacturer defects. In the past, the news focused on mass recall of Takata airbags. This is just one example of the case we are investigating where the explosion of a defective air sac can cause very serious injuries, including deaths, drivers and passenger cars.

We succeed in cases involving the spread of failed airbags, defective seat belts, and some other reminiscent products.

New York Laws on-Fault Insurance Claims

Under New York law, every insurance policy provides what is known as an insurance coverage without error. This type of coverage exists to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other necessary costs due to accidents regardless of who is at fault for the accident. This coverage usually also extends to you if you get hit by a car or other vehicle while outside the vehicle insured as a pedestrian. To be eligible for recovery, you must file your claim within 30 days of the accident.

Contact our Experienced Firm Today

Whether you are involved in a more serious fender dent or accident, there are many different strategies in New York car crash legislation in order for you to recover. Our experienced car wreck law firm is here to help you deal with your case by building a solid legal strategy for recovery. We make sure you know and understand our strategy from the beginning to the conclusion that we are focused on obtaining substantial financial compensation for your injuries.

While our main office is located in Manhattan and Westchester, NY, we serve clients throughout the state of New York considering our deep experience in handling motor vehicle accidents. In New York City, we regularly represent clients in the following boroughs:
* Manhattan
* Brooklyn
* Bronx
* Queens
* Staten Island

Contact our firm today and talk to a lawyer within 24 hours about your car accident case. It is our privilege to serve those in need of legal representation and our goal is always to be a "bridge to recovery".
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