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Can You Hire A Texas Car Accident Lawyer Even If You're Wrong?

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Do You Need to Hire a Texas Car Accident Lawyer After a Car Accident? Than You Must Read This! It is strongly recommended that you immediately hire a lawyer after a car accident if the following applies to you:
  • 1 or more people were injured or killed,
  • Some parties are involved,
  • One or more parties are not insured,
  • The police report did not match the incident.

If You are Injured in A Car Accident, an Lawyer Can Help You Complete a Fair Settlement.

If you are injured in a car accident, do not try to handle the goods with the insurance company only. Their job is to make sure you get as little as possible of your vehicle and the injuries sustained from the accident.

"You can solve your own case, but chances are you will underestimate your claim compared to what lawyers can get for you," said Adler Adler lawyer from Jim Adler & Associates.

"Although you have the legal right to solve your own case, remember that insurance companies want to pay as little as possible.A lawyer can help in many ways to get a fair settlement," said senior lawyer Kyle Schnitzer of the firm briefing.

Are there Any Fees or Upfront Costs to Hire A Car Injury Lawyer?

Jim Adler & Associates bills clients with no down payment, but works based on contingent fees. That means if the company fails to solve the case, there is no payment. And when settling a case, the company is paid only from a portion of the recovery or a total settlement, and none from the client's own pocket. You will never write a check to us.
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What is the Cost of A Lawyer Contingency?

Like how much a contingent fee is, "Most lawyers, including us, charge 33% of the gross settlement if a case is settled without a lawsuit," Bill Adler said. "If lawsuits have to be filed, the cost will be up to 40 percent, but most cases are settled out of court, without lawsuits."

"And we will not file a lawsuit without the consent of the client," Schnitzer added.

What does this mean in dollars and cents? If your lawyer negotiates your $60,000 claim settlement from an insurance company, you receive two-thirds of that amount, or $40,000, while your attorney gets a third, or $20,000. However, of the two-thirds, your medical bills are paid and you keep the rest.

How To Solve A Car Accident?

"Settlements are paid from the insurance company's checkbook and usually at the same time," said Bill Adler. "Insurers do not designate different amounts for different things, as the jury will do, the insurer pays an amount."

Of that amount comes the cost of car accident lawyers and medical bill payments. For things like loss of wages and pain and suffering, "the rest goes to the client," Adler said.

Can You Hire A Texas Car Accident Lawyer Even If You're Wrong?

Yes you can. But the important things may apply, such as whether the error was shared in an accident? If another driver is partly to blame, he must be more than 50 percent responsible for receiving something, Adler said. This is Texas law.

That means if you find a 40 percent error, and the other driver is 60 percent innocent, you will receive 60 percent of your claim. But if you are considered more than 50 percent guilty, you will not get anything.

Remember that just because you receive a traffic ticket does not mean you are legally to blame.

"If this is a swearing match - someone says the green light, and you say red light - part of our job is to say that it's not your fault," Schnitzer said.

Even so, police reports that conflict with you may be weight with an insurance adjuster, which may try to deny or pay your claim.

Can You Sue an Insurance Company without a Lawyer?

"I can," said Bill Adler's lawyer, "but that's not a good idea, I do not think the layman knows the rules of proof, and I strongly advise against it."

The court will expect you to know the rules and procedures, "Schnitzer said." And the other side will take advantage of you. "

"Lawyers go to law school for three years just to learn the legal basics," Adler said. "An individual with no formal legal training is likely to be hit.You need a car accident lawyer to represent you."

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