Car Accident Facts - "Statistics show more than 90 people who die every day in the United States, due to car accidents. And there are 3 million people injured every year in the event of a car accident - as well as 2 million drivers having a permanent accident each year." - Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

How These Top 10 Car Accident Lawyer Near Me at California Will Help You

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How These Top 10 Car Accident Lawyer Near Me at California Will Help You? Do you or your loved ones experience or engage in an auto accident in the California area? Be sure to use one of the 10 best car accident lawyers from California below. They will help you solve all the car crash problems for free and triumphantly for you.

Mossley Collins.,

"Call all 4 for legal aid! With more than 36 years of experience, I've won some of the biggest settlements in California history - and there's no charge until I win your case!" People call me every week who has been deeply hurt in car crashes, by doctors and hospitals who are careless and from other causes. My job is to win their case and give them new hope ... a new beginning ... a better life.
Mossley Collins offices address: 1180 Iron Point Rd #180, Folsom, CA 95630 - Phone: (916) 444-4444 Toll Free: (800) 777-7777

Bisnar ChasePersonal Injury Attorneys.,

$300 Million Won for Our Clients. Since 1978, we have served more than 10,000 clients and earned more than $ 300 million in decisions and settlements. Once you experience "first-class client care," you'll understand why we get so many top ratings, reviews and awards from prestigious organizations. Brian Chase went to a special law school to become a personal injury lawyer. Chase has spent decades defending and fighting for injured plaintiffs entitled to maximum compensation.
Bisnar ChasePersonal Injury Attorneys address: 1301 Dove St, #120, Newport Beach, CA 92630 - Phone: (877) 514-6933

Law Offices of Gary K. Walch. A Law Corporation.,

Our Los Angeles and California personal injury and wrongful death lawyers and law firms have over forty (40) years of experience successfully completed thousands of car accidents cases and wrong death claims accidents throughout Los Angeles and California resulting from cars, motorcycles, trucks, bus, train and bike accidents; claims of local liability, including slip & fall, trip & fall and other incidents; dog bites and attacks; pedestrian injuries; uninsured motorists (UM), uninsured motorists (UIM) and accidents and accidents; and which involves casualties and serious and painful injuries, including fractures, broken discs, torn ligaments, burns, TMJ and other injuries.
Law Offices of Gary K. Walch. A Law Corporation address: 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 1019, Calabasas, CA 91302 - Toll Free: 866-465-8792 Phone: 818-222-3400 Fax: 818-222-3405
top 10 california car accident lawyer near me

King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer.,

King Ashkan Aminpour has found millions of dollars for clients as their personal injury lawyers. He is a car accident lawyer who has developed King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer and turned him into one of San Diego, CA's personal injury lawyer lawyers. Aminpour believes that any client who works with him as a car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer deserves the best care. That's why he treats every client like his own family members, and why he is a top car accident lawyer in San Diego. Whether you need a car accident lawyer, a motorcycle accident attorney, or a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, CA, Mr. Aminpour will help you receive the compensation you deserve back to the level of health you experienced before your accident.
King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer address: 317 Ash St, San Diego, CA, 92101 USA - Phone: (858) 333-3333

GJEL Accident Attorneys.,

We immediately returned all phone calls and resolved any issues we had, whether directly related to the case or not. We maintain friendships with our clients long after we win their case. More than 99% success rate. More than $ 850 million is recovered to our clients from insurance companies and company defendants. Rank among the top national law firms by our peers. Respected and viewed as a formidable opponent by the insurance company. Known to assist our clients with repairs, vehicle replacement, car reimbursement, and other bills from day one. Our lawyers attend Stanford, the University of California, the University of Chicago, and other major universities.
GJEL Accident Attorneys offices address: 1625 The Alameda, Suite 511, San Jose, CA 95126 - Phone: (408) 955-9000

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.,

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. results $200Million+ Recovered for Clients, 5000+ Trusted Clients, 10 California Locations, 1 case at a time. We only work on a contingency fee, meaning that if we do not win, we do not get paid. Injury victims can not afford to pay an attorney by the hour. Our contingency fee is in line with other top-quality lawyers who handle serious personal injury matters. There are no up-front costs or fees with us.
Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Los Angeles Office: 100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700, Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Phone: 310-734-5656 Fax: 310-494-7503

Walton Law Firm.,

Most people do not need personal injury lawyers more than once in their lives. But when they do, they want a reputable person who will stand with them when they need them, and fight for a decent recovery they get fairly. For 20 years, Randy Walton has done just that. The company never charges a fee to discuss a case, and all cases are taken at a contingent cost. That means if there is no recovery for the client, the client does not pay any fees. Walton Law Firm is a highly respected civil law firm based in North County San Diego representing local people who have suffered severe injuries in various situations, ranging from car accidents that cause spinal pain to accidents at construction sites that cause death. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers understand the serious and serious nature of these cases, have the resources to investigate and examine the unique aspects of each case, and work very hard to make sure the case is resolved because the maximum recovery is available, while causing the least amount of stress for the client .
Walton Law Firm San Diego Office: 2169 1st Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 - Toll Free: 866.607.1325

i Accident Lawyer.,

Why we are the right company for you? Because we focus on car accidents and injury cases. We have the highest completion rate (95%). We are available to you any time of the day. Call us 24/7. We're a lawyer who actually handles your case - We're NOT part of the referral network. We'll come to you - at home, hospital or workplace and we have the same appointment. When you contact us, you will be able to talk to Robert Koenig personally. 
i Accident Lawyer in Newport Beach address: 1000 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660 - Phone: 800-920-0810 (Toll Free)

The Reeves Law Group.,

Reeves Law Group specializes in personal accident and injury cases and has successfully represented thousands of injured clients throughout the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. The Reeves Law Group stands for the everyday person who often has no other choice. Our lawyer has been nationally recognized, is a member of Multi Million Dollar Advocates and has found millions of dollars for our clients. The Reeves Law Group is a well-known and respected southern California personal injury law firm with a long record of success, against major insurance companies, well-funded corporate and individual defendants. This ability is due to our large size, legal expertise and financial resources.
The Reeves Law Group, Los Angeles Office: 1055 W 7th St #3333, Los Angeles, CA 90017 - Phone: (213) 271-9318 - FREE Consultation: 1-800-644-8000

Steven M. Sweat, APC.,

Have won millions of dollars for their clients. Comes with FREE, No COST Consultation with Loss LA Injured Prosecutors who are dedicated and experienced. We have been a tireless fighter for justice reasons for 20 years and have received many awards for outstanding legal representation in the field of personal injury. Contact us today to find out what 40 years of experience and an assessment in the top 5 percent of California personal injury law firms can do for you.
Steven M. Sweat, APC offices address: 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 450, Los Angeles,CA 90036 - Phone: (323) 944-0993 - Toll FREE: 866-252-0735

Call one of the car accident attorneys in California according to the above list, and you'll get great help from them on car crash problems in the region of California.
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